The following are steps to accept a collaboration request and to access your first device, remotely using the DOMOTZ PRO system.

  1.  Login to the DOMOTZ portal, click the WEB APP tab then click OPEN; 

  2. In the sidebar of the page that opens, click COLLABORATIONS and accept the pending request; 

  3. Once accepted, you should see the agent listed in MY AGENTS, in the same sidebar. 
  4. Click on the agent, and a button called DEVICES will show.  

  5. Click this button to show a list of the detected devices on the network.  

  6. Click a device to see it's details.  

  7. Within the device details there is a subtab called CONNECT, click this and you will see the detected, open ports. 

  8. Click the CONNECT button next to one of the open ports and it will launch a secure tunnel to the device. A Web page will open with the configuration Web GUI for a particular  

* This device and setup allows for remote changes to the devices through Web GUI or other open port (SSH, TELNET, etc. in some cases) without having to be physically connected to the network.

** IMPORTANT: Alerts and automatic bandwidth tests and other configuration settings have been pre-configured based on your network infrastructure. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THESE SETTINGS.