Scenario Terminal Services Session

external IP : Port 3387 to Internal IP Port 3389

Create your WAN port Services (if it’s not Standard based on our scenario : 3387)

In the Sonicwall Management :

Go to :

Network -> Services -> Add Service *** Do not add a Services Group ! ***

Name : Custom RDP
Protocol : TCP(6)
Port Range : 3387 – 3387

Create you port forwarding with the Public Server Wizard as usual. (This is more simple all the rules will be created including the NAT)

Go to: Firewall, On the Top, Select Wizards
Select Public Server Wizard, Next
Select the services Type Created previously : Custom RDP, Next
Enter your internal server IP, Next
Enter your Public server IP, Next

Apply, Close

After we will modify the Translation Port manually.

Go To :

Network, Interface, NAT Policies.

Choose you NAT policy :

  • Original Source: Any
  • Translated Source: Original
  • Original Destination: rdp_publicIP
  • Translated Destination: rdp_privateIP
  • Original Service: Custom RDP
  • Translated Service: Terminal Services RDP
  • Inbound Interface: WAN
  • Outbound Interface: Any
  • Comment: Enter a short description
  • Enable NAT Policy: Checked
  • Create a reflective policy: Unchecked

The Translated Service must be change from Original to The internal Server port

Click OK

Test your RDP with you RDP client :

Address : PublicIP:3387

This should be good